Portable Mist Machine Haze-900A

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Professional and longevity mist machine, small size, High level leakproof oil bottles , DMX-512, remote control,  timing rationing,Variable speed fan, can be use of multiple in series, Specially designed heating system that provides continuous uniform smoke, 0-100 accurate output regulation. Noise control is very good for the needs quiet spaces. As With the use of stage lighting, theater, stage, nightclub bars and other places. It will present the perfect mist effect.

Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt
Europe version : 230 Volt
U.K. version : 240 Volt
Japan version : 100 Volt
Output:3000 cu.ft/min
Initial Heat-up Time:2 min.
Fluid Consumption Rate:3 ml/min. (100 % output)
Tank Capacity:2 Liters
Control: LCD,DMX512,Remote control
Weight:8 kg
Dimensions (mm):410X225X430MM
Liquid Used:HEAVY FOG Liquid

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